About us

Refined Craft is brought to you by the makers of Athletes Brand.

What is Refined Craft?

At Refined Craft we have world class artists simply make fashion... better.

Refined Craft is high end fashion designed by artists, for artists. Every item that we make is designed by a renowned influencer and artist, specifically for fellow actors, musicians, craftsman, entertainers, hosts, leaders, artists, and creatives of all walks of life. We're a "for-purpose" fashion brand. This means that we're a for profit company, not a non-profit charity, that simply doesn't want to exist unless we're serving a bigger purpose and helping make the world a better place in some way.

Our materials are field tested by renowned high achievers and artists, and crafted to their exact specifications for off stage, out of office, and everyday life. With around the globe flights, and long days perfecting your craft in mind, the high end fabrics that we use are crafted to withhold a fashion forward look and perform with comfort. Refined Craft is a 100% artist and entertainer ran company meaning... everyone on the team has performed at some of the highest levels in their respective creative industry. If something is made for artists and entertainers, then artists and entertainers should be the ones designing it since nobody knows them quite like they know themselves.

Refined Craft is brought to you by the makers of Athletes Brand, a fashion brand made by athletes for athletes that helps raise awareness for charities around the world. From time to time we will refine some of Athletes Brand's products as well with fellow artists by taking them from the jocks style, to the artists style. 


"I built Refined Craft out of passion, purpose and necessity. Refined Craft is here to help influencers make a difference in the world, and I don't plan on stopping that mission anytime soon.

The real beginning of RefinedCraft.com was in 2011 when I started selling T-Shirts with my art on them out of my college apartment in Louisiana. The T-Shirts were once just a simple way to make some extra beer money for a broke college baseball player. The brand at that time had a different name, and had no real direction as baseball was still my biggest passion. It wasn't until after college while I was rehabbing for baseball that the stars aligned and I realized a major issue in the world. At the time, I was working for my older brother while rehabbing a 10 year old fractured vertebrate (and in reality I had actually already written off ever playing baseball again). I hit a crossroad in my life that led to the biggest decision that I had ever, and that I will ever make in my life. I found myself down and out not just because I couldn't play a game for 18 months, but because I couldn't play a sport. It was a big realization because it exposed how ridiculous me being bummed out over a game at the time really was. There are people around the world who can't eat, who don't have families, who can't afford clothes, who are being punished for crimes they didn't commit, who can't walk, get bullied, and live homeless. All while I was in the dumps because I couldn't play baseball for a little while.

This realization led me to want to live life with a bigger purpose, and to begin a different chapter in my life. Twenty-four years of my life revolved around baseball, and now I decided that it was time to spend the next chapter of my life playing a role in making the world a better place in some way. I wanted to do something that would continue to make the world better long after I'm dead and gone. I didn't want my baseball stats to be what I hung my hat up on, and I know most athletes feel the same. So, I combined all of the things that I'm passionate about, walked away from baseball at age 24, and started my own company; Athletes Brand. With the success of Athletes Brand, and my passion for art, it was my dream to expand this opportunity for influencers to those beyond just sports. Famous actors, entrepreneurs, and musicians began asking if they could design a shirt for their own causes, so today I'm finally able to create a brand that can stand up to the standards of some of the most successful people in the world. The idea was to not reinvent the wheel... but to take fashion and inspiration that already exists, and simply make it better. Thus, Refined Craft was born."

Learn more at KyleMauch.com or SuccessAtSuccess.com.


The term "Live Refined" means to never stop improving the world around you, including yourself. Art never stops evolving... it's a constant improvement or change to the art that was before us. Refine what the world has given us, and never accept at anything less. Make the world better for having had you in it.



Improving artists lives.


To improve artists lives beyond their craft, while helping artists improve the world around them.


We promise to always keep artists first.

This is anybody that considers themselves an artist. This is the artists brand because artists truly run and innovate every product that we make with their own interests and needs in mind. With that in mind, we promise to always work to make the most high-quality products in the world, and we will never stop innovating to retain that standard.

Though donating a large portion of our sales to charity, we believe that we can still make the world's most quality products because we will stay true to creating what artists need, rather than what we think they need. By doing so, we hope that our success will influence other "for-profit" businesses in the world to see that you can help your community while being able to grow as a company, and it's not a loss of profits, it's a growth in purpose. We promise to stick to those values no matter how big, or how small we are as a company. This is your brand. This is our brand. We will never stop improving ourselves, or the world around us. That's why this is, Refined Craft.